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Sim brings over 40 years of experience helping filmmakers bring their projects to life. In the beginning, we just wanted to help make movies. We loved being part of the creative process, providing niche expertise in camera, lighting, grip and power equipment rental as well as creative editorial services. We were passionate about lifting stories from script to screen, driven to become the most trusted production partner in the industry.

That’s still true. But we’ve also grown – in our size and ambition, and that ambition is what makes us unique. It’s not enough to be the best in the industry anymore. Now we use our business as a force for good in our communities. 


Recent trailer from a job I was a part of!


Recent trailer from a job I was a part of!

The future depends on what we do today.

Mahatma Gandhi

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VFX Pulls – Who Should Do Them?

VFX Pulls – Who Should Do Them By: Jesse Korosi Traditionally, for scripted episodic and feature films, VFX pulls have been contracted to the same company doing your finishing work. This made sense as it addressed two critical things: VFX shots coming back to Offline editorial need to match the Color of dailies perfectly Debayer […]

Filmmaker Mode

I have just came home from going out to a local pub for a drink and found it pretty shocking just how different all of the monitors were. The problem is, I suppose I wasn’t THAT shocked. Many people that work in a similar field to me…