As the Director of Post at Sim, the 2016 HPA (Hollywood Professional Association) Emerging Leader award winner, Studio Daily Top 50 award winner, the former chair/founder of the HPA’s YEP committee, current chair of the ASC’s (American Society of Cinematographers) Advanced Data Management sub-committee, and the HPA’s ‘Through The Frame’ podcast host; Jesse is currently the Director of Post at Sim, overseeing a global operations team, workflow team and also development team, providing both technical and operational direction and management. 

Over the past 18 months, Jesse and his team have overseen the dailies/post production workflow on over 100 projects spanning the globe, collectively managing over 10 Petabytes of media. Aside from working on notable television shows and feature films, Jesse counts creating Sims client facing metadata aggregation/automated transcoding service Metabanq, as his greatest achievement.

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