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American Society Of Cinematographers

I currently chair the ASC’s Advanced Data Management Sub-Committee within the MITC. We currently have two initiatives we’re focusing on:



Creating secure and reliable backups of media is critical in helping to ensure that no data is lost during production and post. Verifying the integrity of files between various companies and or departments however, is a process that has many variables that can lead to confusion and or unnecessary time spent troubleshooting damaged files.  Though most agree that this process is vital, different verification methods are used, depending on specific hardware or software used, as well as procedures specified by a given company or even individual.  The ASC MHL was created to address this.  

Please see our one sheet here for more information!


More info coming soon on this initiative!

Hollywood Professional Association

014 – Sound FX on The Handmaids Tale Through The Frame

The Emmy Award winning series The Handmaid’s Tale has much of its story driven by the use of sound. Join award winning Sound FX Supervisor Jane Tattersall and Sound FX Editor Brennan Mercer for an introduction to the world of post sound on a high-profile show.  Tune in to hear about who is involved, how they are directed, what creative freedoms are granted, and more.
  1. 014 – Sound FX on The Handmaids Tale
  2. 013 – Wanda Vision with DIT Dane Brehm
  3. 012 – HPA Tech Retreat with Leon Silverman
  4. 011 – The Queens Gambit
  5. 010 – ETC's "Ripple Effect"

HPA Young Entertainment Professionals (‘YEP’)

After the Women in Post committee came up with the initial idea and goals in getting a more diverse crowd involved in the HPA, I was asked to chair the committee. With this being the first year of the program, I took point along side my co-chair Jennifer Zeidan, designing the structure and programming for the class.

During the __ years I chaired the committee, I organized many events from in person round table events, to virtual seminars, to sessions at post facilities.

I am very proud of what Jen and I accomplished, with the amazing support from the HPA leadership team and WIP. I learned a lot from this experience in how a program like this is designed and how the inner workings of NFP volunteer work functions. As of 2020 I have however passed along the torch to the next set of YEP’s that have stepped up to become committee members.

I look forward to seeing where they take the program next!

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